Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Biking in the garden shed

So ... there are a couple of girls at my Wednesday circuits class I'm kind of interested in.

Needless to say the first question in my head is - are they single? The second question (given the sort of town I live in) is "do they have 4 kids and an ex who is always coming round to cause you hassle?"

In a bid to find out the answers, I decided to do a second exercise class with one of them. In a garden shed.

It turns out that the personal trainer who organizes the circuits has also built himself a fitness studio at the bottom of his garden. In what probably used to be the garden shed.

I had thought naively there would be just me, the trainer and a couple of others (including this lovely girl) in the shed. Err no. Turned out there were about a dozen of them. All ready to go and pumping.

It was a spin class. Which - even after five months at the gym - I have never done before. Yes it took a woman to get me there :)

Believe me I got HOT. And I dont mean under the collar.Even though I was near to the ceiling fan in the centre of the shed it was still pretty tight in there. I tried pacing myself. But there's something about having driving music, twelve other people cycling as hard as they can and a red faced trainer bellowing out encouragement that ... well taking it easy becomes no longer an option ...

So by the end of the spin session I was whacked. Pouring with sweat. Not exactly what I was expecting - I thought I'd have a light session and then turn on my charm with the gorgeous young lady in question.

Unfortunately I also discovered that she did have a husband - and three kids at home. I should have known *sigh*

Still, it's not every day that you exercise in a garden shed. And at least I had some fun in the process!

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Anonymous Fat Girl said...

Ha ha! Cracking up on this post! Who knew you'd be exercising in a "garden shed"? LOL!

Bummer about the girl... But you know there's always others out there!