Sunday, 16 May 2010

No I do not want to see my nipples!

Brief rant time.

I've just been to a local designer outlet.

Now why oh why are T shirts made of such thin material that you can see your nipples through them? Isnt that a basic design flaw? I mean, we're not all teenage boys with bony concave chests. Once they're over the age of 30 most men have some padding in that area. And no, I dont want to be able to see my nipples or anyone else's, thank you.

I keep thinking that it wasnt always like that. That it's the result of manafacturers cost cutting and attempting to make T shirts at the lowest cost possible. But maybe it has always been this way. Who knows.

Anyway you would have thought that there was a space for quality T shirts in the market.You know, ones with a high thread count that feel good and dont show what's underneath. But that just doesnt seem to be the case. Even the Tommy Hilfigers of the world get their stuff made in China and Bangladesh. It's probably made in exactly the same factories as the middle-of-the-road suppliers.

*Sigh* Still - it IS kind of fun to see how much you can make your nipples stand out ... ie how perky you can make 'em ...... lol .........


Anonymous Fat Girl said...

Okay, this post is hilarious. WTF is wrong with these clothes designers anyway? I know my husband would agree 100%!

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with nipples, anyway? LOL I even have mine pierced so, it's obvious I don't mind getting mine seen =P

Todd Swanson said...

I have a couple of these shirts. I think the ligheter cotton is for summer wear. I only wish I was fit enough to feel confident in them. If it bothers you can wear a wifebeater under but that defeats the purpose of being lighter.